The "IdeaBoom" is an idea by the Egyptian Artist/Designer Ahmed Biomy, who studied Arts & Design, took all his inspirations in Egypt, he has his own philosophical and psychological view about everything around us, he believes in unity, equalization, sharing goodness, and love everywhere, and The "IdeaBoom" Idea is simply to create a good true ideas, holding well studied deep messages, written, designed with a strong and clear identity that sticks in minds and hearts to do a true change, some quotes are written by Ahmed, others are by great writers, and friends. So, If you like the idea? If you want to join the support? just enjoy feeling free to comment, share, and spread goodness you believe in everywhere, Also if you have your own words, or any idea, send it to me now and I will do my best to symbolize it in a design and spread it to do a change, and remember, "No one can change the world, but everyone can do a change to the world" - Ahmed Biomy
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